Are you ready if your Martial Arts School has a breakdown?

“Are you ready if your Martial Arts School breaks down?”

BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!! As my alarm starts going off at 7am today, I check my cell phone to see a text from my wife Lauren.

TEXT: “MY CAR WON’T START!! I’m parked at Whole Foods and I need to get Giselle to school by 8am.”

I think to myself… Happy Monday Duane… I get to test my delegation and problem solving skills first thing in the morning! Yay…

Immediately, I go into “Delegation” mode. (As the CEO of a 7-figure martial arts summer camp/after school business, I learned early on that team work is the only way to create high levels of success.)

So I call my personal assistant and my regional director to create a game plan.

Lauren's car

Easy enough… right?

1. Personal assistant takes my kid to school and drives my wife back home.

2. Regional director tries to jump start her car, and ultimately has to call a tow truck to bring it to the local shop…

3. The shop calls later today… The car needed a new starter and we are good to go! BOOM!!! Problem solved without my direct involvement!

(I had 5 coaching calls with top school owners today, so I had no choice but to delegate.)


Have you ever had to deal with a stressful personal or business situation that was beyond your control? OF COURSE YOU HAVE…

(Unexpected situations can happen anytime in our personal lives and businesses, that require us to rely on our team.)

Now that the summer is approaching, many martial arts school owners want to make extra money and are excited to launch their summer camps. BUT….

One thing I know about summer camps is that anything can happen! (Good and bad…)

THE GREAT NEWS is that because I am able to always rely on my team, I have the ability to grow my camps to the 6-figure level! (Yes, 6-figures in 10 weeks or less!)

Last July, we grossed $140,000 in just one month!

You can easily do this too! But the question I ask is….


If you said “yes” then…


—> My business partner, Erica L. Martin and I (Duane Spires) have spent the last several years growing our camps to reach incredible levels of success!

We combined our experience, our systems, and teaching ability to share these secrets with school owners across the country!

(I was on even ABC news channel 8 in Tampa about how we help school owners across the USA! Check it out on YouTube!)

The BEST PART is that these school owners were able to quickly copy our strategies, earn more revenue than ever before, and build a team that keeps their businesses “breakdown proof!”

(It’s pretty awesome to watch them succeed so quickly too!)

So… If you are planning to have a summer camp this year, I suggest you check out our FREE summer camp success course! (Fill out the form on this page!)

It has 20 video modules that will blow your mind! (People think we are nuts for giving this info away for FREE.)

Even if you are a small school, you can take these ideas and make thousands of dollars per year!

***Also, if you are an action taker who is serious about success then read below!

After you fill out the form on this website, you will have the chance to request a free coaching call where we can help you figure out your next best move!

(Due to our limited availability, we can only spend time with action takers… We only have 2-3 spots left this week.)

Lastly, I want you to look at your day and figure out where you could have delegated to your team more efficiently.

Are you doing too much of the heavy lifting in your life? Many school owners are…


I want YOU to be a happy, healthy, and wealthy school owner! Let’s chat soon!

Have a great day!

Duane Spires

p.s. Fill out the form on the upper right side of this page to get your FREE summer camp course!

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