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I quit working and my martial arts school actually grew!

“I quit working and my martial arts school actually grew!” Seriously. Read below… Okay… I didn’t quit working altogether, but I did quit the majority of my stressful, time consuming duties as a school owner… And guess what… My school actually continued to grow!   Hi! My name is Duane Spires… I have always wondered how business…

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Are you ready if your Martial Arts School has a breakdown?

“Are you ready if your Martial Arts School breaks down?” BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!!! As my alarm starts going off at 7am today, I check my cell phone to see a text from my wife Lauren. TEXT: “MY CAR WON’T START!! I’m parked at Whole Foods and I need to get Giselle to school by 8am.”…

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Iguanas and Million Dollar School Ideas!

MILLION DOLLAR SCHOOL IDEAS AND IGUANAS! (What do all 7-figure school owners have in common?) Dear School/Gym owners,   What an incredible week in Mexico. Erica L. Martin and I (Duane Spires) traveled to Cozumel to speak at the 2016 Martial Arts President’s Club Summit!   This event was a BLAST (Hosted by Randy Reid) and not…

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